STEP-BY-STEP : MAYA Colors and Materials


1) Create Colors resp. Materials

To assign a color to an object you have to create a material of the respective color first

This is done within the Multilister
- Main Menu > Window > Rendering Editors > Multilister ...

- Select Materials
- To create a material: Edit > Create ....
- chose Lambert or Phong
- close the selection dialog
- double click the newly inserted Material

- adapt the color and the other parameters


2) Lambert versus Phong Shading

- Lambert and Phong are the most commonly used shaders
- Lambert results in a matte surface
- Phong is for glossy or glassy surfaces

- The comparison of the attributes shows that phong shading includes specularity
- For the rendering quality we are aiming at in this course, this has only an effect
  on curved surfaces, not on flat ones.

3) Assign Material

The easiest way to assign a Material to an object in the scene is to:
- Open the Multilister
- Go to the Materials Palette
- Select the Material
- Drag it with the middle Mouse-Button onto the object in the scene